Online Expat Communities

There's something special about the online aspect of expats gathered here in Costa Rica... probably other places, but I've run into the worst personally witnessed. Typically, expats communities in the real world are populated by friendly types sweating it out alongside you, swapping tips and advice and talking about wherever home was. We keep up-to-date … Continue reading Online Expat Communities


Depression Kills, And It Isn’t A Choice

“Wow, I can’t believe he’d do that.” “How selfish of her.” “I could never do that to my children.” “What a coward.” This week, two high-profile celebrities took their own lives. The response to someone killing themselves is often judgmental, hostile and angry. Suicide, especially in the wealthy, visibly healthy and famous inspires resentment. What … Continue reading Depression Kills, And It Isn’t A Choice

Dear Internet Diary

I'm sitting in idle contemplation, and remembered that writing often makes me less anxious. Why not start using this blog my journalism course required I start several months ago? Oh boy, this first one will be a long, boring doozy. I'll have actual points to make in the future. Or maybe stories. Who knows? I … Continue reading Dear Internet Diary